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Maya Mountain Cacao produces a limited volume each year of smallholder-sourced, organically-farmed cacao that has been fermented and dried to high-quality specs by a team of specialists at our jungle fermentary and drying center (the “Cacao House”).

Our 2011 and 2012 harvests were purchased by the following amazing specialty chocolate (and beer!) makers. Please visit their websites or get in touch with them directly to learn where you can buy their products made with our cacao beans.
Current buyers

Please see Partners page

In 2013, we anticipate producing approximately 30 metric tons (MT) of cacao. If you are interested in buying MMC’s cacao, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact MMC’s Managing Director Emily Stone.

Maya Mountain Cacao’s vision revolves around catalyzing growth in the Belizean cacao industry, and our key product mission is “to produce an increasing volume of the highest-quality organic cacao.” Based on our focus on sustainable growth through a focus on the field and constantly improving our services to the farmers, we expect our harvests to grow at a healthy rate in the coming few years.
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Left to right: Mast Brother Michael, Armando of Cotton Tree Lodge and MMC's Managing Director Emily Stone.