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As a mission-driven enterprise that values social return on investment, MMC is raising philanthropic capital to undertake and sustain impact-focused initiatives such as subsidized seedling distribution to promote cacao farming as an economically and environmentally sustainable source of income; awareness raising campaigns to promote cacao farming and rehabilitation of land previously used for slash-and-burn agriculture; assistance to Community Based Organizations (CBOs) exploring cacao farming as a means of sustenance, etc.

If you’d like to contribute to our work, you can make a donation by wire (Bank details, PDF) or inquire about online payments by contacting Managing Director Emily Stone at emily@mayamountaincacao. You can also help our farmers directly by using the Kiva online lending platform to contribute toward loans. Our farmer profiles fund fast, so check back if all are currently fundraised. Farmers typically request loans for pre-harvest financing assistance, and invest it in hiring help with cleaning and pruning their cacao fields or during peak harvest season - February thru May.
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Field Officer Emeterio Sho and Social Impact Associate Elma Paulauskaite interviewing farmer for a Kiva loan.