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PRODUCT | From Cacao House to chocolatier

Maya Mountain Cacao aims for transparency and quality that starts with the farmers and their trees and carries onto our centralized facility where the cacao is cared for in a controlled environment and prepared for export.To chocolatiers and consumers, MMC provides a quality, flavor, and impact driven direct trade cacao with full access to sustainable and organic farming communities.

MMC demonstrates a commitment to quality pod selection, fermentation, drying, and hand sorting at origin.

During the fermentation process, the cacao develops a fruit-forward, deep raisin and tobacco aroma.
MMC Bean Profile

Country: Belize, Central America (Toledo District)
Elevation: 1,010 ft (average)
Harvest: (current) October 2012 - June 2013
Bean Count: 92/100gm
Varietal Composition: Highly flavored Trinitario, heirloom Criollo studded
About the Producers: Traditional mayan (Q'eqchi'/Mopan) farmers
Process: Centralized fermentary and drying facility. Fresh cacao is loaded into 3-tier hardwood fermentation boxes and closely monitored for 5-7 days with daily bean rotation. Fully fermented cacao is dried on large airy decks for approximately 1 week. Each batch is raked regularly each day and hand sorted into GrainPro sealed bags for export.

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MMC quality vigilantes Rosaria and Mercedes sorting dried beans.
Tasting Notes
Fruit aroma and bright acidity integrates into the complex flavor of this bean with notes of creamy toasted nuttiness, raisin, plum and citrus. Flavor profile varies per batch. Please inquire for current flavor analysis.