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Maya Mountain Cacao (MMC) sources premium cacao (cocoa beans) from smallholder Belizean farmers for makers of fine chocolate products. Our model creates an exceptionally high-quality cocoa bean and a growing source of income for farmers, while contributing to reforestation efforts and promoting sustainable organic agricultural practices in southern Belize.

MMC connects smallholder farmers with the ultra-premium chocolate industry.

Maya Mountain Cacao's work comprises four teams: field, quality, buying, and administrative. The field team consists of extension officers who do outreach, assist farmer network in keeping farms up to par with organic certification requirements, provide technical assistance aimed at improving quality and growing yields, and organize buying routes. The buying team - a mix including the driver, extension officers, and administrative staff - oversee wet cacao pickup and compensation to farmers throughout Toledo and southern Stann Creek districts. The processing team looks after fermentation, drying, sorting, packaging, storing and delivery of beans from the moment wet cacao sacks are dropped off at the “Cacao House,” a name we fondly use to refer to our jungle-based processing facility. Administrative staff work out of our Punta Gorda office and manage business development operations, leverage organizational resources to further our triple social, environmental and product mission and promote cacao industry growth and maturity.

Maya Mountain Cacao is proud to be a 2013 Agora Partnerships Impact Enterprise.

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A ripening cacao pod.